Thursday, July 23, 2015

Pictures galore!

I figured I'd make the picture update a separate post. So you had fair warning. So here it is. :)

 This was us getting the tent ready for our annual parade camping for July 4th.

 Fresh out of a hair cut

 Riding the front runner just for the fun of it.

 Sariah wanted to try mommy's makeup in secret.

 Fun at the pumpkin patch last October.

 We bought these flip flops for summer and I think she liked them.

 Sleeping after church. It's so hard.

Holy Cow!

Whelp! I definitely didn't mean for another year and a half to go by before getting back here. In my defense, I can explain myself. And I plan to.

For almost the last two years, Trent and I had been fostering our nephew, Tristan. He came to us at just under two months old. Things happened, circumstances were unknown, so I didn't bring it to attention to my blogging world then. After fifteen months or so, it was decided that he would not be returning home and it was put to us if we would adopt him. By this point we had been raising Tristan for basically his whole life. He viewed me as his mother, Trent as his father, and Hunter and Sariah as his brother and sister. Sariah had spent half her life with him here. It really wasn't that hard a decision.

On June 15, 2015 we went as a family into the court room and finalized all the legalities to officially make Tristan part of our family. It's been awesome!

So I thought now I would do a little updating on the kids and our life. Between Trent and I, life hasn't changed much. Still just living life. I'm trying harder to get more reading and my own writing fit into my life, but it's definitely a challenge to find that balance.

Hunter will be starting kindergarten this August and he's super excited. We are fortunate enough to have the bus stop be right in front of the house. So it's shouldn't be too hard to get the picking up and the dropping off taken care of. Trent is nervous about him riding the bus, but I think Hunter will do awesome. He's fairly confident lately with everything he wants to do, and riding the bus with all the other kids definitely falls into that category.

Sariah has had a growth spurt over the last year and has become almost all legs. She's still a petite little thing--Tristan is only five pounds behind her--but she still knows how to hold her own. Out of all my children, she has become the one most prone to wrestle and head-lock the other kids. I have no worries about her being able to handle the influx of boys in our immediate and extended families. She turns three tomorrow, I'll try my best to get back in the day or so with updates on that. At the end of August she'll start her first of two years of preschool and she is so excited about it. It's funny to hear her talk about it with such a certainty. It is her class and Hunter is not allowed. Haha. Sounds a lot like when Tristan started nursery with her and she actually told him, "Tristan, you can come to MY class if you want. It's ok."

Tristan is almost two and is very typical in behavior. Can I just say that having two kids, barely a year apart in age, are really challenging sometimes? Especially when one is in the terrible twos and the other is in the tricky threes? It's like they feed off each other and give each other ideas. Definitely fun here in the Brown house most days. But he is a sweet, cuddly boy who loves nothing more than to watch movies with me. He loves to give kisses, hugs, tell you he loves you and try to have you name absolutely everything he sees when you go anywhere. He loves dinosaurs, LOVES them. And food. Food is his one true love. If it is too quiet in the house, check the pantry. Most likely he's in there trying to sneak his twentieth snack.

That's us lately, thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Hey There!

How's it going everyone? That's good. Here, there's not much different going on. Still living through life and not any real events happening to talk about. Yeah, we're boring. But at least Easter is coming and I should have something to actually talk about.

So yeah, guess that means here comes the pictures. Enjoy!

 Trent's side of the family.

 So glad for the Twistable crayons. Riah only chews the plastic 
and doesn't get the wax.

 At the Safe Kids Expo. Riah was the only one who
wanted to do this out of our little group.

 Our family March 2014.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Looks like its time for an update

Ok, a whole ton has changed since my last post. I didn't end up doing school, we ended up moving out of my parents into a two bedroom place at the beginning of May. Sariah learned to crawl, then walk. She had her first birthday and is now a 19 month old, really smart diva.

Hunter is now a super rambunctious, sweet four year old. He loves being big brother and can't wait to start preschool this fall.

In October we started fostering our nephew who was just under two months old at that time. So, since we added a third child who was under some stricter rules about living arrangements, like no different genders, we needed to move to a bigger place. So we have now moved to a three bedroom side-by-side duplex where Sariah now has her own room and Hunter and the baby, now 6 months, are in the same room. 

We love our new place. So much more space and a good yard that they kids get to play in when the weather is nicer. Hopefully I'll be able to keep a little more up to date on this now.

And now for some pictures. :)

 This is how Sariah thought you should ride in a cart.

 Riah's favorite person right now is Minnie. So once we moved and had the room for another bed, we got her a Minnie toddler bed. She's been great and absolutely loves it.

 Riah LOVES her babies. And she's got quite a few.

Hunter was wanting to make sure his army man got a picture.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Life Lately

Well, we've decided to start a new journey in our life. After lots of thinking, we decided it would be best to move in with my parents and for me to go to school for accounting. We've still got to get everything squared away, but that's the plan. Whether or not we stay for the whole time I'm going through school, we really hope not. But we'll see. While we're here, we're saving money and, who knows, we could get to the point where one income is doable again. That's really why we're putting me through school, one income really doesn't it cut it much anymore.

So that puts us in my parents' basement right now. And it's been a great opportunity to teach Hunter about respecting property and Sariah to become more socialized. We're so grateful for their hospitality and their willingness to deal with our crazy 3 year old and our little 7 month old who is currently dealing with separation anxiety from mommy.

So, here's to a new step. To figuring out the mommy/wife/student/home-maker balance and to knowing that it'll all be for the best in the end. Just have to make it to that point. Haha.

And just some pictures cause I think they're so cute.